This program is designed to assist newcomers to Canada to feel welcome in their new country while they improve their conversational English.

Compass Community Health (438 Hughson St. North)

Meeting Times:
As determined by Volunteer and Newcomer.

Goals of Program:

  • To assist newcomers into adjusting and integrating more easily into Canadian society.
  • To break down barriers, foster understanding, recognize and celebrate the similarities and differences between two cultures.
  • To assist the immigrant/refugee in practising conversational English skills.
  • To provide information regarding community resources, Canadian culture and systems.
  • To promote independence/self-sufficiency

Description of Program (activities, participants, etc.):

  • The twin volunteer and the twin newcomer meet once a week for two hours at an arranged public location to engage and promote conversational English. The volunteer also provides information and assists the newcomer to become familiar with the city and resources available.
  • Twinning activity is expected to last at least six months.
  • Volunteers are expected to have an open mind and excellent conversational skills. Both twins are expected to have deep respect for other people regardless of their race, culture, religion and life experiences.

For more information, please contact: Nora Melara-Lopez: 905-523-6611 ext. 2012

Partnership with Ecumenical Support Committee for Refugees