All North Hamilton clients will have access to Asthma Education and Asthma Care management. Participants will learn self-management strategies regarding their asthma. Breathing tests will be conducted.

Compass Community Health Asthma Clinic (438 Hughson  St. North)

Meeting Times:
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00am - 4:00pm by Appointment Only

Goals of Program:

  • To increase access to asthma education for NHCHC clients.
  • To improve asthma self management skills for clients.
  • To improve how clients with asthma manage and control their asthma.
  • To increase asthma diagnosis through the use of spirometry at NHCHC.
  • To allow access to medications and devices for those without a drug plan.
  • To provide culturally and age-specific asthma education.

Description of Program (activities, participants, etc.):

Clients of the Health Centre access a certified asthma educator/or nurse practitioner through an appointment in the Asthma Clinic, in order to gain increased knowledge of asthma, medications, breathing test for assessment of lung function.

Gain information on:
 1. Asthma physiology and anatomy
 2. Asthma Signs and Symptoms
 3. Asthma Triggers and Environment
 4. Asthma Medications
 5. Asthma and exercise
 6. Asthma and smoking
 7. Asthma and the workplace
 8. Action plans and self-management

For more information, please contact: Meridene Haynes: 905-523-6611 ext. 3005