Good Food Box: High Quality , Healthy foods for a good price:

Build connections with your nieghbours and community .

Buy more local farm fresh local Produce.

Orders and payment are taken before the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Compass Community Health 438 Hughson St North.

Pick up your box at either Welcome Inn Community Center(40 Wood St.E) or  Eva Rothwell Centre (460 Wentworth St.N) on the third Wednesday of the month.

What's in a box :

Our Boxes contain a variety of fruits and vegetables and the selection changes each month Pay $15 for ten items of produce , and $10 for seven items of produce.

Selections depend on what's in season and reasonably priced to make the produce as fresh and as affordable as possible. Note Good food boxes cannot be customized

If Interested call: Andrew Sweetnam 905-523-6611 Ext 3006