Grub Club

Open to North end students ages 6-12 interested in learning to cook, garden and try new ways of being active. Children will learn to prepare healthy meals and snacks, explore physical activity and creativity and learn more about nutrition and healthy living in this gardening and cooking club.


Tuesday Evenings - Birge Park ( Birge St. )

Thursday Evenings - Compass Community Health, 438 Hughson St. North

Goals of Program:

  • Children gain an interest in nutrition and exercise and become educated in terms of healthy eating and healthy living.
  • Children develop a sense of self-sufficiency as they learn to garden and cook for themselves.
  • Children develop strong bodies, teamwork skills, and positive self-esteem, as they take part in physical activity and games.
  • A healthy social network is formed.

Description of Program (activities, participants, etc.):

  • Group meets 5-7 p.m. during the Spring and Summer( May- October) groups meet in our two children's gardens located at 438 Hughson St N or at Birge Park.
  • Children learn how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks; they explore physical activity and creativity in the garden and beyond, and develop an understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children are encouraged to share recipes and ideas for activities in the program.

For more information, or to register, please contact:  Andrew Sweetnam 905-523-6611 Ext 3006