A Mi Salud

Open to all Latin American refugee and immigrant women. Program is beneficial for social interaction, health and language education, and learning about Community resources & Canadian culture.

Chronic Disease Self Management - Spanish

Open to Spanish-speaking people living with long-term health effects/chronic disease, and their caregivers. Modeled on Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self Management program.

Diabetes Education - Spanish & Portuguese

Open to people with diabetes and their partners/family who speak Spanish or Portuguese as their first language. Program is beneficial for diabetes education, including blood glucose monitoring, nutrition, physical activity, foot care and more.

Multicultural Health Services

Open to newcomers to Canada. Program is beneficial for integration into the community.

Third Youth

Open to Latin American seniors (men and women). Program is beneficial for social interaction, health and language education and learning about Canadian culture.

Twinning Program

This program is designed to assist newcomers to Canada to feel welcome in their new country. "Twins" work together to improve their conversational English, as well as adjust/integrate into the Canadian culture.

Viva La Vida

A seven week workshop for men and women who speak Spanish who have experienced depression . Learn skills and strategies to achieve mental wellness. Contact Jodi 905-523-6611 ext 3006