Although our community today is healthier than it was when the Health Centre was first established in 1987, there still remain barriers for many of our clients. Our focus is to provide medical service to people who are not getting the access to healthcare they deserve and need. Providing good healthcare to such a diverse group of people is possible because of our multi-disciplinary team approach.

Family Doctors

The family physician is a doctor who has been educated in the field of family practice. Family practice is a widely encompassing medical specialty.

The role of the family physician is to provide medical services to each member of the family. These specialists have unique skills, attitudes and broad-based medical knowledge, which qualify them to offer their patients continuing and comprehensive medical care. The family physician provides preventative and health maintenance services regardless of age, sex or type of medical problem. Because of the close relationship with the patient and family, the family physician is best qualified to serve as the patient's advocate in health related matters, including appropriate access to health services, consultants and community resources.

Physician Assistant

A Physician Assistant is a health professional trained in the medical model to support physicians in a range of healthcare settings. PAs always work under the direction of a physician and provide client care.

To become a PA one needs one to two years of didactic work focusing on anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology and behavioural sciences - as well as one full year of clinical training.


Nurse Practitioners

 Nurse Practitioners are advanced registered nurses with additional university education and experience. Nurse Practitioners can diagnose, treat illness and injuries, do physical and well- baby checkups, order tests, prescribe medication, and make referrals. Nurse Practitioners provide a unique ‘holistic’ approach to care. Many people in North Hamilton benefit from the service of Nurse Practitioners. 


Registered Nurses/ Registered Practical Nurses

Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses are healthcare professionals. The foundational knowledge base of Registered Nurses(RN) and  Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)is different as a result of difference in basic nursing education. These two categories are based on nursing skill, knowledge and competencies. They work with other members of the healthcare team to manage healthcare concerns.


Pharmacist Consultant

North Hamilton Community Health Centre was one of the first CHCs to participate in the Pharmacist Integration into Primary Care pilot project. This project integrates specially trained pharmacists into family practice sites.

The pharmacist at the Health Centre has 3 key areas of responsibility: direct patient care, consultation with the primary care team and communication - which includes enhancement for drug related systems.

Mental Wellness

Client advocates are essential members of the client focused inter-disciplinary health professional team and provide leadership, assistance and support to individuals and families from diverse socio-economic, sexual orientation, racial, cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds. Through a holistic (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) approach client advocates empower and assist clients through internal and external referrals with navigation of social services and healthcare systems and information about community resources.

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